MarterNeri its the merge of two historical port logistics companies in the Livorno and Friuli areas, namely Neri Srl and Mar-Ter Spedizioni Spa, with the goal of becoming the most important Italian player in forestry product logistics.
The company’s main activities are linked to the unloading, storing in customs depots and delivery of forestry products (cellulose, paper, wood), metals and other bulk products to important national and international customers.
MarterNeri is an Authorised Port Enterprise Article 16 Law 84/1994, Terminal firm with leased dock and a Maritime Agency in the ports of Livorno and Monfalcone, in addition to being an Authorised Excise Operator (AEO).
This combination of experiences and talent is represented by a new brand, as MarterNeri is like a giant that delicately delivers the cargo entrusted to it to their destination using its strong hands in perfect safety.
Briefly, it represents the image of our philosophy: taking the utmost care in all work stages, from port services to loading and unloading operations, from storage to road and rail transport, up to delivery point.